Do you need FREE DOMAINS for your great app? Simply apply for a Freenom Free Domains account!

It's all about free domains

Freenom is all about Free Domains. And you may have a great use for them. Freenom allows serious developers to use the Freenom API to register free domains in all its free top level domains, such as TK, GA, CF and ML.

Freenom is actively looking for developers that find a great use of domain names.
With the Freenom API developers are able to:

Register Free Domain Names instantly.

Freenom API can also be used to maintain DNS records.

Domains are immediately available throughout the world.


Developers can use the Freenom JSON based API to register free domain names. To limit spam and misuse of domain names, we are asking to complete the Free Domains account application form.
By answering the questions of the application form we get to know you and your plans. We love to work with all developers that have an excellent idea to use free domain names.

Let your imagination go and get started.

Freenom API

Freenom's API allows you to design computer programs and online applications that interact directly with the Freenom registration system for free domain name registration services.
Once you are approved for a Free Domains account we will send you your credentials and a PDF version of the Freenom API technical integration manual.

The turn-around time to get a reply on your Free Domains account application is as short as possible, since we are encouraging great ideas to take off immediately! However, because of the number of applications it may take up to one week before you get a reply.

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