How to setup DNS records

If you want to add your own A, MX, CNAME or other DNS records,
you can: and of course at no charge.


For this, you first and foremost need to set the
name servers for your domain to the nameservers of Freenom.

You do this by:

Go to My Domains
Click on Manage Domain
Click on Management Tools
Click on Nameservers
Select Use default nameservers

Press Change Nameservers

Now you can setup your DNS records, by going to
the Manage Freenom DNS area.

You do this by:
Go to My Domains
Click on Manage Domain
Manage Freenom DNS

Now you can enter a variety of different DNS records,
including A, MX and CNAME records.

Extra remarks:

- You can use the 'name' field blank if you want to assign
a DNS record (like A record) to your entire domain

- For MX records, you need to add a priority. Simply type
in '10' (without quotes) in that field if you only have
one mail exchange (MX) server for your domain.

It will take normally up to 30 minutes before name
server changes are distributed within our DNS servers.

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