How to setup URL Forwarding

Any domain, free or paid, can be forwarded to any URL you'd like, by using Freenom's URL Forwarding Service. 

To set up URL forwarding for your domain:

  • Go to My Domains:
  • Click on Manage Domain
  • Click on Management Tools
  • Click on URL Forwarding
  • Enter the destination address in the URL Forwarding box.
  • Press Set URL
  • DONE!

There are two different URL forwarding modes that you can select:
With the default mode, frame/cloaking, visitors will see your domain name in the address bar instead of the destination address.
The second mode, redirect/301 forwarding, visitors will simply be redirected to the destination address and leave your domain. 

Sometimes it will be necessary to use the redirect mode of forwarding if your destination URL does not accept or allow framed forwards and shows a white screen instead of the destination web page. 

Please note that it can up to 30 minutes before URL changes are distributed within our databases.


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