Error code 0x08823

If you have received the Error code 0x08823 it means that your account is put on Freenom's watchlist for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. You have registered too many domain names without actively using them.
  2. You have registered too many domain names that forward to the same URL.
  3. You have registered too many domain names using the same name servers.
  4. There is an increase of fraudulent used domains in your account (i.e. domain hijacking).
  5. You are using more than one account with Freenom.
  6. Other reasons. 

With the current status of your account:

  • You CANNOT register any new domain names
  • You CAN renew existing domains without any problem
  • You CAN modify or cancel any domain names

The management of Freenom cannot disclose the exact reasons why your account has been listed on our watchlist.

Removal from the watchlist is automated based on the determination by Freenom's risk management systems. Removal from the watchlist can happen earlier when our systems see legimitate usage of the account. Our support department cannot override or speed up our system's determinations.

Examples of legimitate usage are the registration of fewer domains, paying for domains and active renewal of domains.

Please do NOT create or use additional accounts to try to circumvent our block. Doing so will result in all of your accounts being blocked, possibly indefinitely. 

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